PyTN Profiles: Jacques Woodcock and MEMpy

Speaker: Jacques Woodcock (@jacques_thekit)


Jacques has worked as a creative, marketer, business owner, product owner, UX and system architect but has always written code since he started doing development in 2001. Writing in languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, ActionScript, PHP, Lingo, and Python.

Currently Jacques is senior engineer with Moontoast in Nashville, TN and is known for his community involvement, his hats and his beard. NOTE: This picture does no justice to the beard.

Jacques will be giving a tutorial on Saturday February 22nd at 2:15PM in Room 400, on JavaScripting all the things.  JavaScript is a very powerful, cross browser, language that allows for more than DOM manipulation. In this tutorial we’ll cover the power of JavaScript by building a full application using 1 html page and JavaScript.

Sponsor Profile: MEMpy (@MemphisPython)


A large part of the organizing crew, MEMpy wants to promote the use of the Python programming language in the Mid-South. Their primary purpose is to share knowlege and to nurture a community of Python professionals and enthusiasts. Each meeting is open to the public and aims to provide useful content for both novices and professionals. You can learn more at their website.

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