PyTN Profiles: Catherine Devlin and Rackspace

Speaker/Sprints Leader: Catherine Devlin (@catherinedevlin)

A freak accident in 2000 transformed Catherine from a chemical engineering grad student to a database administrator, but she didn’t get superpowers until she picked up Python in 2003. She was PyOhio’s founding chair and remains active in Ohio’s open-source communties. She works for Zoro Tools.

On Saturday February 22nd at 1:35PM, Catherine will be presenting: See Docs Run. Run, Docs, Run!

Code executes. Docs just sit there looking pretty. Now it’s time to blur that boundary! Tools like the IPython Notebook, Sphinx, dexy, and old-fashioned doctests blend code with docs, making package docs, educational materials, and system-level docs more engaging, relevant, and trustworthy.

Sponsor Profile: Rackspace (@rackspace) - Sprints and more Sponsor


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