PyTN Profiles: Adam Haney and Eldarion

Speaker: Adam Haney (@AdamHaney)


Adam Haney is the Chief Technology Officer for Campus Bellhops, a nation wide college labor company based in Chattanooga, TN and a Technology advisor for the Lamp Post Group an Incubator also in Chattanooga. He’s been developing python apps primarily in Django for the past 3 years. His primary interests include distributed systems, natural language processing and programming language design.

On Saturday February 22nd at 11:00 AM, Adam will be presenting on Using IPython Notebook to analyze Django model data.

Quickly and easily visualize and analyze data that’s stored in the models of your Django project without having to write complicated view code. We’ll use IPython Notebook as a tool for ad hoc data analysis of Django model data.

Sponsor Profile: Eldarion (@Eldarion)


Since 2009, the team at Eldarion has been helping people get from idea to launch faster.

We develop tools, apps and websites for clients around the world, ranging from established media companies to individuals with an entrepreneurial vision.

Open source is at the heart of Eldarion. Our team members lead or contribute to a range of projects including Python, Django, Pinax and many individual Django apps.

We don’t just use the best tools to go from idea to launch, we help write them.

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