PyTN Profiles: Katie Cunningham and Enthought

Young Coders Profile: Katie Cunningham (@kcunning)


Having lead young coders tutorials at both PyCon 2013, PyOhio, and others, we are beyond thrilled to welcome her to our little event. Learn more about our young coders event at our website. Registration for young coders will be free, and tickets will be available today at noon. Please don’t register unless you are 100% able to attend!

Katie Cunningham is a Python developer at Cox Media Group. She’s a fervent advocate for Python, Open Source Software, and teaching more people how to program.  She’s a frequent speaker at open source conferences, such as PyCon and DjangoCon, speaking on beginners topics such as someone’s first site in the cloud, and making a site that is accessible to everyone.

 She also helps organize PyLadies in the DC area, a program designed to increase diversity in the Python community. She has taught classes for the organization, bringing novices from installation to writing their first app in 48 hours.

 Katie is an active blogger at her website (, covering issues such as Python, accessibility, and the trials and tribulations of working from home.

Katie is also the author of Python in 24 Hours and the Accessibility Handbook

Sponsor Profile: Enthought (@enthought)


Enthought, Inc. is a scientific and analytic software company powered by Python. We provide the desktop analysis environment and Python distribution, Enthought Canopy. Canopy’s straight-forward install, update and rollback, and graphical package management greatly reduce the complexity of getting a Python environment working, and the analysis desktop simplifies scripting and analysis tasks for scientists, engineers and analysts. Enthought specializes in providing unique solutions to challenging technical problems and Python training for organizations in geophysics, finance, and research. We have offices in Austin, Cambridge (UK), New York City and Mumbai.

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