PyTN Profiles: John Berryman and Caktus Group

Young Coders Profile: John Berryman (@JnBrymn)


Coming from a background of Aerospace Engineering, John soon discovered that his true interest lay at the intersections of technology and entrepreneurship and math. In early 2011, John stepped away from his day job to take up software consulting. Finally John found permanent employment at OpenSource Connections where he currently consults large enterprises about full-text search and Big Data applications. Highlights to this point have included prototyping the future of search with the US Patent and Trademark Office, implementing the search syntax used by patent examiners, and integrating semantic search into Solr search engine. John blogs regularly for OpenSource Connections.

Saturday at 11:00AM, John will be presenting Semantic Search and Recommendation with Solr and SciPy.  Under the hood, search engines such as Solr are really just sophisticated token-matching engines. They lack the ability to understand a user’s query and provide relevant documents based upon meaning and they lack the ability to provide recommendations based upon user similarity. This session will cover ongoing work in which machine learning techniques are being used to make search smarter!

Sponsor Profile: Caktus Group (@caktusgroup)


Caktus is a team of sharp web developers and designers who use Django to create high quality web applications. Our passion is bringing our clients’ ideas to life by using a process of agile and iterative development to deliver a solid product. We can architect a solution from the beginning or augment your existing internal team to assist with development. In addition to planning, designing, and building fantastic web apps for our clients we also provide developer training. Visit our website to learn more about how we can collaborate on your next project.

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