PyTN Profiles: Tres Seaver and The Pylons Project

Speaker Profile: Tres Seaver (@tresseaver)

A software developer and consultant since 1990, Tres Seaver specializes in building enterprise-scale applications using Python, Pyramid, and Zope.

Before founding Agendaless Consulting with Chris McDonough and Paul Everitt, Tres worked for Zope Corporation, where he was the architect / technical lead for the Zope Content Management Framework (CMF), which provides most of the infrastructure for the Plone platform.

Before moving to Fredericksburg to work wtih Paul and Chris at Digital Creations / Zope Corporation, Tres founded a consultancy, Palladion Software, specializing in large-scale, business-critical applications in energy production and finance.

Tres cut his consulting teeth working for MACRO Enterprises in Houston, building applications for line managers in oil and gas production, commodities and derivatives trading, and banking.

On Saturday February 22nd at 11:00 AM, Tres will be presenting a tutorial on Pyramid Development in a Nutshell.

Pyramid is a web framework for Python 2 and 3. This tutorial gives a Python 3/2-compatible, high-level tour of the major features.

This hands-on tutorial covers “a little about a lot”: practical introductions to the most common facilities. Fun, fast-paced, and most certainly not aimed at experts of the Pyramid web framework.

Sponsor Profile: The Pylons Project (@pylons)

The Pylons Project is the parent organization of the Pyramid and Pylons web frameworks, the Deform form system, the Colander serialization system, and a host of other related web technologies.

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