PyTN Profiles: Edward Finkler and StudioNow

Speaker Profile: Edward Finkler (@funkatron)


Edward’s a PHP, Python and JavaScript dork. He made Spaz, an open source microblogging client for desktop and HP Palm webOS. His favorite pasttimes include open source, web runtimes platforms, and RESTful APIs. He currently working for Fictive Kin lots of cool stuff.

On Saturday February 22nd at 11:55 AM, Edward will be presenting on Open Sourcing Mental Illness.

An open, honest discussion about mental illness from the perspective of an open source developer. He’ll talk about his own struggles with mental illness to raise awareness and end the stigma.

Sponsor Profile: Studio Now (@studionow)


At StudioNow we work with all types of businesses to produce affordable custom video that’s hyperlocal, high quality and scaled to their needs. By bringing together the best video technologies and the most creative and experienced production professionals, we’ve created one unified platform to ideate, produce, and distribute video that engages consumers and builds brands.

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