PyTN Profiles: Eric Floehr and Coderfaire

Speaker Profile: Eric Floehr (@ForecastWatch)

Eric has been fascinated by computers ever since touring CompuServe’s data center in the late-70’s. He started programming in BASIC on the family’s Ohio Scientific Institute Challenger 2P, then Commodore VIC-20, 64, and Amiga, with stints on CompuServe’s DEC mainframes in-between. From BASIC, Fortran, 6502 Assembly, Forth, Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Java, Ruby, and everything in between, he has found love with Python.

Eric is the founder and CEO of Intellovations, a small company that created ForecastWatch, the only comparative weather forecast verification system in the world. In use by The Weather Channel, The Weather Network, Foreca, Global Weather Corporation, and others, ForecastWatch has scored over 375 million weather forecasts since 2004. ForecastWatch was the subject of a Python Success Story and was named a Django Site of The Week.

In addition to his business, Eric also founded the Central Ohio Python Users Group, and was the conference chair for PyOhio in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Eric via Intellovations was also our first sponsor! Thank you Eric!

On Saturday February 22nd at 1:20 PM, Eric will be presenting on Understanding and Augmenting Reality with Python.

Computer Vision is used in motion detection, face recognition, OCR, etc. It is also used in augmented reality for things like real-time translation and scene overlays. This talk will present an overview of computer vision and augmented reality using Python, walking through an example which uses CV to understand a sudoku puzzle and solve it in the scene using augmented reality.

Sponsor Profile: Coderfaire (@coderfaire)

CoderFaire is a 2-day language agnostic conference that happens annually in Nashville, TN that aims to put the spotlight on the regions brightest developers.

Cal Evans and Jacques Woodcock of Coderfaire have been answering all my n00b questions about how to run a conference, and they haven’t laughed in my face once.

Thank you so much Jacques and Cal!

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