PyTN Profiles: Kenneth Reitz and HackMemphis

Speaker Profile: Kenneth Reitz (@KennethReitz)

Kenneth Reitz is the product owner of Python at Heroku and a member of the Python Software Foundation. He embraces minimalism, elegant architecture, and simple interfaces. Kenneth is well known for his many open source projects, specifically Requests.

On Saturday February 22nd at 11:55 AM, Kenneth will be presenting on Documentation is King.

Every design decision should be documented. Imagine not having to have tap your coworkers on the shoulder when you’re working on an unfamiliar part of the codebase, or on-boarding a new employee. Imagine being able to make the change, run the tests, and push to production without questioning yourself, because the process was documented — or better yet, automated.

Sponsor Profile: HackMemphis (@hackmemphis)

HACKmemphis brings together local tech communities to develop hardware and software projects in Memphis. We organize smaller hackathon events in Memphis leading up to a larger yearly hackathon.

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