PyTN Profiles: T. Scot Clausing and Pyrson

Speaker Profile: T. Scot Clausing (@tsclausing)

Scot recently worked for Digital Reasoning and currently resides at Emma - two great Python employers in Nashville, TN. Projects have ranged from Django web and API development to log analysis with Pandas and a personal pursuit to randomly generate Shakespeare’s complete works.

On Sunday February 23nd at 9:00 AM, Scot will be presenting on PyCharm in 60 Minutes.

JetBrains has released a Community Edition (free) version of PyCharm! This 60 minute tutorial will be a fast-paced, worthwhile investment in your PyCharm productivity - or it may just help you decide if PyCharm is right for you. We’ll cover each of the following topics (with plenty of take-home material to continue playing, I mean working).

  • Editing
  • Debugging
  • Refactoring
  • Testing

Sponsor Profile: Pyrson (@pyrsonwho)

Pyrson has a great time sponsoring tech events and groups like PyTennessee and NashJS.

Learn more about PyTennessee at our website.

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