PyTN Profiles: Matthew Russell and Cobenian

Speaker Profile: Matthew Russell (@ptwobrussell)

Matthew Russell (@ptwobrussell) is Chief Technology Officer at Digital Reasoning, Principal at Zaffra, and author of several books on technology including Mining the Social Web (O’Reilly, 2013), now in its second edition. He is passionate about open source software development, data mining, and creating technology to amplify human intelligence. Matthew studied computer science and jumped out of airplanes at the United States Air Force Academy. When not solving hard problems, he enjoys practicing Bikram Hot Yoga, CrossFitting and participating in triathlons.

On Sunday February 23rd at 9:55 AM, Matthew will be presenting on Why Twitter Is All the Rage: A Data Miner’s Perspective.

In order to be successful, technology must amplify a meaningful aspect of our human experience, and Twitter’s success largely has been dependent on its ability to do this quite well. Although you could describe Twitter as just a “free, high-speed, global text-messaging service,” that would be to miss the much larger point that Twitter scratches some of the most fundamental itches of our humanity.

Sponsor Profile: Cobenian (@cobenian)

Cobenian is a small software company located in Northern Virginia that specializes in network related software development and automation. We focus on everything from securing Internet infrastructure to writing custom protocols and delivering mobile software.

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