PyTN Profiles: Laurie Kalmanson and Heroku

Speaker Profile: Laurie Kalmanson (@lauriekalmanson)

UX is a mindset and a process that starts with empathy for users.

If you can listen to someone else walk through a workflow, and imagine yourself as them, you’re halfway there.

She does UX, IA, IXD, and content strategy, starting with one question: What do your users need?

She’s been a UX lead consultant, manager, cross-team leader, and individual contributor at agencies, Seth Godin’s startup, enterprise and web shops since the first dotcom boom in NYC, working collaboratively with clients, C-level managers and teams to create digital experiences that delight loyal users while matching business goals to things people want to do.

She walked out of newspaper reporting when the internet went commercial, into Yoyodyne Entertainment / Seth Godin Productions (acquired by Yahoo!) and never looked back. Today, she works across web, iOS, social, e-commerce, dashboards, healthcare claims processing, intranets and B2B.

On Sunday February 23rd at 9:55 AM, Laurie will be presenting on UX: How to.

Mobile, enterprise, desktop? For fun, for work, for business?

The why comes first.

Then comes the who.

If you discover the answers to those questions, you can get started on the how, the when and where.

From user personas and profiles to workflows and scenarios, the UX process imagines tools that people use.

Learn hands-on techniques and tips:

  • The difference between UI and UX.

    Look and feel, vs. how it works

  • Key things developers can do to build in better UX from the beginning.

    Start with simple workflows from the user perspective. Prototype. Talk to users. Fix. Repeat.

  • Continuous improvement

    Use apps, programs and tools like a user, not like a developer. UX is a mindset as well as a methodology with tools and techniques.

Sponsor Profile: Heroku (@heroku)

Heroku is a cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps. Developers can focus 100% on code and never think about servers, instances, or VMs again. Hundreds of thousands of developers have already deployed millions of apps to Heroku.

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