PyTN Profiles: Julia Elman and Pearson

Speaker Profile: Julia Elman (@juliaelman)


Julia Elman is a designer, developer and tech education advocate based in North Carolina. She has been working her brand of web skills since 2002. Her first dive into Python was at World Online in Lawrence, Kansas in 2008, as a Junior Developer/Designer. In early 2013, she helped start a local chapter of Girl Develop It and empowered over 400 members to learn computer programming. She also helped organize the 2013 Teen Tech Camp, where 20 local teens learned Python programming in a one-day event. Julia is the Lead Designer at trinket, a platform for open teaching. You can follow her @juliaelman.

On Sunday February 23rd at 11:05 AM, Julia will be presenting on To the Moon and Back: Taking the Leap Towards Solving Big Problems.

President John F. Kennedy was a visionary. In 1962, he proposed the seemingly impossible challenge of walking on the Moon. On July 20, 1969, that challenge became a reality. It was a moment in our history that propelled us into moving beyond our self-imposed limitations of what we, as human beings, are capable of doing.

Sponsor Profile: Pearson User Group Program (@informit)


The Pearson User Group Program is proud to support the learning needs of Python User Groups all over the globe. Receive free review copies of new programming resources —from favorite technology publishers like Addison-Wesley, Sams, and Prentice Hall— and save on your next purchase with exclusive member discounts. Visit to register. Thank you for being an active voice in the IT community! 

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