PyTN Profiles: Josh Mock, Emma, and the Nashville Geek JAM Band

Speaker Profile: Josh Mock (@joshmock)


Web developer by day, music enthusiast by night. And day too. Maker of artisan, local, organic JavaScript at Emma in Nashville.

On Sunday February 23rd at 11:05 AM, Josh will be presenting on Python for Music Nerds: Fun With the Echo Nest API.

Learn to use the Echo Nest Developer and Remix APIs to build your own Pandora-style recommendation engine, programmatically remix your favorite songs and play with a massive dataset that contains all sorts of interesting metadata about your favorite bands.

Sponsor Profile: Emma (@emmaemail)


Emma makes it easier to be a smarter marketer.

Create, send and track beautiful email marketing campaigns that get great results with:
- Mobile-optimized templates and world-class design services
- An industry-leading delivery rate of 99.2%
- Award-winning customer service by phone or email

Emma is your Minister of Silly Walks, and is supplying some limited edition swag and throwing an awesome party Saturday night after the first day.  Their awesome and their hiring!

Party Profile: Nashville Geek JAM!

The Nashville Geek Jam is a group of local developers and IT folk who get together about once a month to rock out. Their influences run from Hendrix to the Cars to Tom Petty to pretty much anything they hear and like. Recently the band has started to become the house band of choice for Nashville IT gatherings such as Holland Square Group’s Nerds of Rock, Nashville BarCamp, and the upcoming PyTennessee conference. After a rocking first set, any and all comers are invited to sit in and play with the band. Check us out on Facebook at

Hey! The PyTennessee Geek Jam will be an acoustic show, so leave the Marshall stack at home and bring your Martin. See you there!

Learn more about PyTennessee at our website.

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