PyTN Profiles: Chad Whitacre and PythonAnywhere

Speaker Profile: Chad Whitacre (@whit537)


He’s been writing Python for a decade. he wrote the Aspen web framework, the db library, the Gheat heat-mapper, and the Mongs db browser. He made the awesome

On Sunday February 23rd at 11:05 AM, Chad will be presenting on A Nice API for Postgres.

We tried SQLAlchemy on but decided it was overkill. I wrote a database library called that provides a sane run/one/all wrapper around DB-API 2.0, and implements the ORM pattern that Mike Robellard introduced at PyOhio 2013. In this talk I’ll walk through the features of the library.

Sponsor Profile: PythonAnywhere (@pythonanywhere)


PythonAnywhere is the perfect place to code, run, and host Python programs in the cloud. There’s no need to install software, all you need is a web browser and you can start programming straight away. Creating a web application is as simple as clicking a button and selecting a Python web framework: we do all of the server setup and admin for you, so you can focus on the problem you’re solving. Because it’s all in the cloud, you can access your stuff from anywhere and you can share and collaborate with other people, and we’re integrated with other cloud development tools.

On PythonAnywhere, it’s easy to get started, easy to work together, and easy to scale.

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