PyTN Profiles: Jacques Woodcock and No Starch Press

Speaker: Jacques Woodcock (@jacques_thekit)


Jacques has worked as a creative, marketer, business owner, product owner, UX and system architect but has always written code since he started doing development in 2001. Writing in languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, ActionScript, PHP, Lingo, and Python.

Currently Jacques is senior engineer with Moontoast in Nashville, TN and is known for his community involvement, his hats and his beard. 

On Sunday February 23rd at 12:35PM, Jacques will be talking about Supporting the Community: Helping to build Nashville’s Thriving Dev Community.

Over the past few years, I’ve been very active in supporting the development community grow in Nashville. In this talk, I want to discuss techniques I’ve seen employed, lessons learned about getting engineers engaged, and specifics that work for event organization.

Sponsor Profile: No Starch Press (@nostarch)


No Starch Press is one of the few remaining independent computer book publishers. We publish the finest in geek entertainment—unique books on technology, with a focus on programming, open source, security, hacking, LEGO, science, and math. Our titles have personality, our authors are passionate, and our books tackle topics that people care about.

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