PyTN Profiles: Jason Haley and Juice Analytics

Speaker: Jason Haley (@thewildamerica)

Jason Haley knew he would work with maps from the moment his scout troop got lost in the woods of New Mexico in the summer of 2001. He climbed a pine tree with his map and compass, triangulated their position, and navigated them to their campsite. Jason has come a long ways from that map and compass trading up for a GIS skill set at Kent State University, where he graduated in 2009 and received his Masters in Geography in 2011.

Although Jason’s main mapping interest at Kent was climatology he found his way from his hometown of Akron, Ohio to Nashville and signed on as Stratasan’s GIS Manager in August 2011. The switch from climatology to health data was an easy and exciting one. He has helped create Stratasan’s mapping products and train clients how to use GIS effectively. His favorite part of working at Stratasan is combining the vast array of health data Stratasan has accumulated with advanced GIS concepts.

Lately Jason has started to expand into the world of Python through the use of ArcPy. ArcPy module that allows custom scripts (comprised of geoprocessing tools, data selection, data manipulation, and symbolization) to work within the ArcGIS platform designed ESRI (The primary GIS software vendor).

When he’s not mapping Jason enjoys the outdoors, travelling, and spending time with his girlfriend, their dog, and two cats. He is also a pop culture trivia enthusiast.

On Sunday at 1:25 PM, Jason presents on Walking the Line: A Beginner’s Tightrope Trek From GIS to Python.

ArcGIS desktop allows users to create custom scripts and tools using the ArcPy module. This talk will focus on the experience using ArcPy with ArcGIS. The talk will focus on an overview of using the module as well as a critique of the ArcPy experience from an advanced GIS user who’s just getting started with Python.

Sponsor Profile: Juice Analytics (@juiceanalytics)

At Juice, we craft applications that help people understand and act on data. We’re building a platform on Python and Django to help businesses with valuable data turn that data into easy-to-use, sharable products. We’re newcomers to Nashville (our headquarters moved here from Washington DC in August ‘13) and thrilled to be here.

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