PyTN Profiles: Chris McDonough and Simon Solutions

Sponsor Profile: Chris McDonough (@chrismcdonough)


Chris McDonough is a principal of Agendaless Consulting. He is the primary author of the Pyramid web framework and the Supervisor process manager.

On Sunday at 1:25 PM, Jason presents on Substance D: Build Civilized Web Application.

Chris will demonstrate Substance D, a new web application server based on the Pyramid web framework and written by memebrs of the Pylons Project community. It has an administrative UI, user management, built-in security, text indexing, workflow, monitoring, undo, and auditing features out of the box. It can be used to build most kinds of sites including content management and ecommerce sites.

Sponsor Profile: Simon Solutions (@simonsolutions)


Simon Solutions is based in Florence, AL and we build web applications. We’re nerds with a passion for making computers work for our clients, not against them.

Our products, CharityTracker and Oasis Insight, are built on an open source foundation that includes Python and Django. These products are quietly revolutionizing data management for charitable organizations, assistance workers, food banks, and even entire communities.

Our manifesto is simple - Carefully listen and continually improve.

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